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Liz Early Years

The picture in the logo is the the Fred W. Symmes Chapel at Camp Greenville but it is better known as Pretty Place and has been a favorite spot for weddings. I would have liked to have gotten married there but the waiting list is over 6 months long.


This was Pop...my paternal grandfather. Here he has my sister and I in his lap. I was his first grandchild and the first girl and he spoiled me terribly. I remember that he always had Lifesaver's candy for us and would peel apples and let me eat the peeling and he did it with his pocket knife. I was probably 8 and feeling so much older than Missy in this picture.

By the time I arrived, Mom (my paternal grandmother) and Pop had settled into a house in Greenville, SC. Those were great years from my perspective. Too bad they ended when Pop got very ill and then died on June 14th, 1964 and they had the funeral on June 16th, 1964, which just happened to be my 10th birthday. Thinking back, I truly believe their grief made them oblivious to the fact that it was not a good day to have a funeral. We did have a birthday party for me with all the younger members of the family but I count that as the turning point of my life. I never had the same innocence I had before that day.



These are my first baby pictures that I have, I think I was 4-6 months old but I'm not really sure and no one has told me.


And here is another picture of me at about the age of 15-18 months old. I know it was taken while I was visiting my Aunt Ola's.


Why I am scowling, I don't know...I guess I didn't care for something about the beach. But look at that *bathing suit*!!!!! I believe this was the summer before my sister was born. Which beach? Again, not sure but I think in Virginia near Alexandria cause my grandfather and grandmother had me while my mom and dad moved from one house to another after Missy was born.

Finally found a few pictures of High Home where I spent my happiest times. I know my grandfather bought it but not exactly sure of the details. What I remember is that he bought it from another Greenville businessman who was losing everything because of the stock market crash in 1929. Pop actually bought it in 1932 so I guess the man managed to hold on that long but couldn't.


The actual photo here was taken in the 1980's. By then we had had to remove the two big trees in the front yard. Pop had gotten a steel pipe and put it between them when they first got High Home. And one of those trees had a limb big enough to hold a tire swing which has to be the absolute BESTEST swing around! It was a ritual of finding the best *OLD* tire and getting the rope up over the tree limb and then tying it. We all wanted to be the first one of the season...and we would beg to be pushed higher and higher...it was like flying!


I can remember my Daddy telling me some of the stories of High Home. Seems that one time he decided that he could get a higher swing out of the tire swing if he could start even higher than anyone could push him from. So he untied the bottom and made it as long as he could, then he got it up on the tin roof over the porch. Then he climbed aboard and sailed off...straight into the dirt. Seems my Daddy forgot his physics classes! He forgot that the bottom part of the swing was a much longer distance than the tree limb to the ground. And the front bedroom which is on the right side of the picture on the first floor behind the sign was where my Daddy *thought he heard a bear!* (it was his grandfather, T. J. Hayden sleeping AND snoring.) There was a sand dirt road that curved off to the left that lead to the caretaker's house. And we spent hours playing horseshoes in the sand there. There was a meadow that was perfect for games. And a small grove of apple trees and a few rows of Scuppernong and Muscadine grapes.

Too bad my generation and only a few of the following generation were the last to enjoy High Home. It was a special place.


This photo is my senior photo. We all had the drape on our shoulders so we all matched. Looking at that photo now as if it weren't me there, I would think, *what a beautiful young lady* but I didn't see that in the mirror every morning then or for a long time to come. I thought I was ugly and fat. It didn't help that Mom, my grandmother, in an effort to be helpful, told me I would be pretty if I lost some weight. You know I wore a size 14 in that photo. But that was a large size and being overweight was not as *accepted* as it is now...at least by MY contemporaries.



This was my senior graduation dress. These photos were taken on the second floor of the Administration Building....it has a name but it's slipped my mind. I may be able to find the info at a later date. This is another shot of the same dress.


This was taken one night during the first half of my senior year at Ashley Hall in Charleston, SC. I actually was a new student that year. I had spent the previous three years at a Catholic boarding school in Asheville, NC but they had closed the doors of St. Genevieve of the Pines at the end of the junior year.

My roommate was new there as well so we got *stuck* with one another. I can even remember the outfit that I was wearing that night. It was a one piece palazzo type jumpsuit that was fairly form fitting. And looking at my arms there and now, I can't EVER believe I thought I was fat. But you think what everyone tells you and I was constantly told I was fat.

Mamie, my Mom's mother, died that spring...the spring of my senior year. I was there for the funeral but not the events afterward since Rowesville was so close to Charleston in comparison to Greenville or Charlotte. The rest of the years between my high school graduation and my college one, 9 years later were filled with work and school and little else.

This is the first page. I find it interesting that I started this page with my grandfather and then step backward to my baby pictures. I didn't realize what a big influence he has been on my life even for the little time I knew him.

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