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Liz' ROTC Commissioning

I was commissioned a 2LT in the US Army Reserve by my uncle, Ret. Lt. Col. George E. Taylor (USA). This ceremony was held in the ROTC building at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC even though I was a student at the Spartanburg campus of the University of South Carolina. I was commissioned in May 1982.

My stepmother was frustrated that my dad couldn't give me my commission but it had to be an active duty or retired officer, not just a veteran. *NOT* just a veteran....those words hit home now since that is what I am too, now...*just a veteran*. I was at my best physically at that point than any other time since childhood. I wish the pictures were better.

This page contains my favorite photo...bottom right of me with my Mother and Daddy....which was a miracle and a photo that Lillian, my stepmother, despised.

As to the other officer in the photo, that was the 1st LT I had been assigned to while a member of the SMP program, Simultaneous Membership Program. I was a member of a SC National Guard Unit in Greenville with the rank of E5 while I was in ROTC. The LT was the officer I had been assigned to shadow. He had the honor of pinning my bars on me.