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Pam & Chris


This is Pam and her husband, Chris. They got married on August 16, 2008.


This photo from her senior picture from Monroe High School. One of the ones made as part of her graduation session. It's hard for me to imagine the little girl I met has grown up to this young woman who is ready for marriage. Or as to quote her dad *but she's just my baby* said in a really whiney voice...like putting a book on her head is going to stop her growing up.


She has turned me gray and made me pleased as punch, all in the space of minutes. And I wouldn't change it for a minute. She may not be the child of my body but she is the child of my heart. She has gone thru tough times with me and with her dad. And she has stuck with us. Unlike most kids, she did have an option about living with us but she has stuck it out and I think she is a better person for it. I know she has met her best friend because she stuck with us.

She doesn't know how much I care for her and love her but what teen remembers that of their parents. At least not until they get out on their own and have kids of their own. Lately, she has asked me *why do you care!* yelled at me at the top of her lungs...to which I promptly and MATURELY yell back...*cause I do, I'm your parent, remember?*


Charles says she is one in this shot...I don't know cause I wasn't there but surely goodness, she couldn't have been that much of a heartbreaker at that early an age???

Pam_at_3yo Pam_at_3yo_Christmas

These next two were taken the Christmas before Pam's 4th birthday cause Charles SAYS she is 3. I guess she is since I know it is 1990 here but still...she looks older than 3 at this point. Is there a time when this child DIDN'T do that?


This next one is her 3rd grade school picture. She is 8 in the photo since her birthday is well after the cutoff date. For several years, those were the only photos that dh got.


This was the first dance school production she did that *I* saw. At that point she had been involved in dance since she was 4...and on stage was as graceful as could be. That didn't always translate to grace OFF stage.


I do remember seeing this one on the right coming in the mail. Charles and I had finally settled in to our apartment in Fullerton, CA where he had been living since March of 1996. I arrived in October 1996 following our honeymoon at the Grand Canyon. That's another story tho.

Anyway, by Christmas of 1996 he decided that being near his daughters was more important than his job and I agreed so we gave his notice, packed up and moved. We left there on the 28th of Feb 1997. The next day while rolling thru New Mexico, we called Pam to wish her a Happy Birthday (her 11th). We did manage to keep our arrival a secret from Kim and Pam, altho my mother-in-law knew we were on our way. We got there on the 3rd and surprised the heck out of both girls.

We settled in Atlanta and over the summer Pam would visit us for several weeks at a time. By the end of the summer she was willing to try living with us full time. And she hasn't really looked back since.

By the time the school year started, we knew where we needed to live so we moved again but it wasn't until Pam had to actually start...so the first week she rode to work with her dad. He picked her up after school and they both went back to his office where she did homework and he worked. During the next two years we moved to Atlanta metro and two times within Atlanta metro...Pam got to be a whiz at packing and moving...unpacking took much longer. I guess she figured if she left it long enough we would move and she would have had to pack it again anyway.


This is one of my favorite photos but Pam doesn't like it. We have a tradition of getting professional photos made each year instead of the school photos. We use them as Christmas presents.

I know I have more pictures of Pam thru her dance years and our Christmas photos which I think are better than the school photos anyway but I can't find them. I have NO clue which box or corner they got put in from the last two moves. WHEN I find them, I will scan them and add them.


This one on the right was taken the first day of 10th grade at Hickman High School in Columbia, MO. I had to take her that year since she managed to bang herself up just two weeks before as a passenger in a car wreck.

PAM2001 PAM2001A

She hates to wear her hair down and I think it looks best that way. She indulged me that day.

But here are two more of my favorites. These are from our trip to NYC/NJ to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We stayed in this neat B & B and met Barbara and her family for the first time. Pam was also experimenting with her hair and was in her red haired phase. *I* loved it and so did her dad who is a red-head anyway. But the rest of the family didn't see it that way.

Pam_NYC1 Pam_NYC2

I didn't know when I did this page that the photos I put here would be so important. I still cry when I think of what happened on September 11th that changed the skyline behind Pam. It's a different world now. We were so innocent on that day.

Pam got married and most of what I get are candid shots. She shares her life with her husband and some four legged children. Some day she and Chris may bless us with grandchildren.