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My Husband

This is a picture of Charles and I taken recently at the Tullie Farm in Atlanta. We were on vacation with some friends and standing on the porch. We seldom get in a picture together.


He was born in Asheville, NC to Charles Burton Ramsey and Diana Pate Ramsey. He is an only child and they moved to AL when he was in the 2-3 year old range since he says he doesn't remember much of that time. But he still has plenty of family up that way. Both his parents came from large families.

He graduated from Hewitt-Trussville High School in 1978 and went on to college at the University of Alabama for both his Bachelor's (August 1986) and his Master's (May 1990), in Mechanical Engineering. And that is where the pictures I have here pick up. Anything earlier is either gone or his mom has them and we will get them someday.

I'm not really sure how he ended up in the Nuclear Engineering field but it has been a blessing for us. I met him online on January 28th, 1996 using www.match.com (which was free to us at the time). He is/was the custodial parent to both Kim and Pam however; his parents actually had both girls since his job did require some travel. He was living in Kennesaw, GA at the time and working for ITI Movats, now Crane Movats. We actually met, after emails and phone calls, on Feb. 18th, 1996. This was right after he made an emergency trip to Birmingham when they found out Kim had Type I diabetes. He was there for several days and our only access to each other was the phone. Once all was settled there he went back to work, and we went back to emails and telephone calls.

In March, he accepted a job in Brea, CA. And by then we were engaged. Yes, it was quick but sometimes it happens like that. We wanted a fall wedding (MY one and ONLY chance) and I then asked when he and the ex got married. He said, *October*, to which I responded...*okay, Sept or Nov, which would you prefer?* So we set the date and went from there. My minister wanted to be sure we knew what we were doing, however he did shorten his normal process down to 3 meetings with him given Charles' distance and our age.

Spring and summer progressed as I got ready for a wedding. The US Postal Service and FedEx loved us. Picking stuff out together meant mailing stuff back and forth. And on Sept 28th, 1996, we tied the knot.

We headed out to the Grand Canyon for our honeymoon and then drove on home. And we settled in. I had the arduous task of trying to fit two complete households together and making a home there. He was enjoying his job but things were getting a little weird. When he stopped complaining at home, I knew we had trouble. By then we were into Thanksgiving and the Christmas season with his girls 3000 miles away. We were together but we needed family. We did go visit my aunt and uncle in AZ for Thanksgiving and then spent the rest of the weekend in Las Vegas.

Got home from that trip and things headed downhill. We were members of a Presbyterian Church there and active members of the choir. One Sunday after the first of the year, Charles asked me on the way to service, what I thought about chucking this job and heading back east to see where he lands. Well, I have always been fond of a regular paycheck but his and our happiness meant more. I asked him to let me think on it. And during the first service in the middle of a prayer, I heard a voice tell me it would all work out, just BELIEVE. On our way to the choir room, I told Charles to go ahead. That I backed him 100% whatever he wanted to do. So that Monday, he turned in his 3-week notice which would give us employment til the 28th of Feb, 1997. And I started packing. (I don't think I've STOPPED that process since).

And on the 28th, as the movers came in to load it on the truck, Charles called me and told me the company was opening an Atlanta office. It would take about a month to get it underway but to consider ourselves *hired* there (at that point we were contract employees). THAT was a huge relief...we had stepped off the cliff in faith and the parachute was provided for us.

So we've been on the move since...his work has taken us to many places and we have done many things. But now it's time for some of the photos...not my ramblings.


This is as far back as I can find. It was taken during Christmas 1990. I'm not even sure of the location even. I much prefer the beard.


Another one, same time frame.



This was the summer, actually July 2000 at Charles' cousin (on his dad's side) Pat Ramsey-Atkins house for the family reunion/birthday held there for her father.


Speaking of Pat...here is a shot of her...not a good one cause my two were doing their *dead-level best* to squash her between them!


This is one of my favorite shots.


Charles finally had to realize that his baby had really started to grow up. She went and graduated from high school, she got married and is on her own. His parents came up to see her graduate and we managed to get a picture of the five of us on the deck of the house. As you look at the picture, it's Burton (his dad, who is gone now), then Pam, then me, then Charles and then his mom, Diana.


This is one of the last formal photos I have of Charles. We stopped having formal ones made.

I have more photos but need to get them scanned and put up here.