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This is my wedding dress. Amye, my wedding consultant, handmade everything but the dress itself. The headpiece and bouquet were handmade out of silk flowers.

This is what the females in the wedding party wore. The flowers were silk and made by Amye as well.
Pam's dress was made based on a description, a very tiny swatch of material, and a pattern number that looked like what Linda Graddy (Maid of Honor) and my sister, Missy Scanlon (Matron of Honor), were wearing. Kim decided to take the honor of being her dad's Best Person since she felt uncomfortable in girl clothes and I wanted her in the wedding.

This is the whole wedding party. My dad is on your left and Charles is on your right...and as usual, if one of the Taylors (me, Missy, my Dad) have their eyes open, the other two don't. I think it's a genetic trait. It drives photographers nuts.

The Presbyterian Church was chartered in Greenville, SC on October 15, 1895. At the time it was built, it was out in the country. It now resides right on the city limits and is surrounded by shopping areas, grocery stores, and such. The average age is well up into the *gray haired* brigade. I was one of the younger members at 42. The original church burned so this sanctuary was a 40's version. When Charles and I got married, the total membership was 63. Dr. Roger Kvam and Dr. C. Newman Faulconer officiated at the ceremony.
The sanctuary was designed to hold only 80 people. Well, we had almost every active member, and lots of family fill the church...they were hanging from the rafters. We had done major refurbishing for the centennial celebration the year before. We painted and scrubbed, found the money for carpeting, re-did the bathrooms, and fixed up the grounds.

My Mother wanted me to use pink with my navy bridesmaids dresses which just wasn't me. So we compromised and gave her a Mother's Corsage that had pink in it and it worked great with her teal dress.

Margaret Hayden, or Bark as I knew her, was my Dad's maternal aunt but felt more comfortable at that time with my Mother. She also felt my Mother needed someone to sit up in the front row of the church with her since my Dad was with my stepmother in the second row. Bark died at the age of 91 and she was 88 in this photo. It was, regrettably, the last time I saw her.

This photo was taken in the front of McCarter Church with all of my Dad's immediate family along with their children. Starting at the bottom left, Amy Scanlon, Pam, Kim, Erin Scanlon (those two are my sister, Missy's two), second row, Caroline Taylor, Dawn Taylor Figlio, Missy Taylor Scanlon & Michael Scanlon, third row, Rick Figlio, my Dad, Wyllys Taylor, Lillian Robertson Taylor, and then me and Charles.

I didn't have the photo on the right planned because if I had, it never would have happened. This is my dad with his three brothers. They didn't want to all be in this photo but with everyone watching, they really had no option. From left to right, Tom Taylor #3, my Dad #1, me, Ed Taylor #2, and Joe Taylor #4.

This is Charles' immediate family. Pam is alone in the first row. Then Diana Ramsey with Charles' oldest daughter, Kim. Top row is Charles Burton Ramsey, Sr, with me and his son. Charles is an only child himself, which is good and bad...no siblings to fight with but also no siblings to support you in times of trouble or share the joy of special occasions.

This is one of my favorite photographs. Yes, I know I'm not in it but that's part of who WE are in this family. We are blended and it is right to acknowledge that this unit existed before I was blended in.

This shot is of Charles and I with Floyd and Dora Pate, his maternal grandparents who traveled down to see us get married Since Dora did NOT approve of divorce and then remarriage, it was a real coup for us to get her there. We lost his grandfather the next year to a heart attack and diabetes complications. He was in his early 90's is all we know. His grandmother, Dora died in April 2003, active and lively almost to the end.

This one speaks for itself.

This was taken in Watkin's Hall. There is a fireplace behind us which was a good focal point for most of our photos in that reception hall. As to the cake, it was made by Amye, (yes, the same one) and is a double layer topped by another tier. Mother said I got some of the cake and there is even a photo of that but, to this day, I don't remember what it tasted like.

That's it for this page, unless I find another I want to put up but there are other pages going up as I can fit them in. Hope you enjoy this.