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Diana and Burton Ramsey

I wanted to give Charles' mom and dad a page as well, after all, I have some good pictures of both of them and they both have a history as well. Charles has an extensive family tree but I won't go into that. This is just a bit about the two people I call my mother and father in law. The ones who gave me their son as my husband. And this fall, we lost Burton.

Charles "Jinx" Ramsey

RAMSEY, CHARLES "JINX", age 68, of Lincoln, AL, died October 12, 2007. Survivors include wife Diana Ramsey; son, Charles Ramsey; brother, Robert Ramsey, North Carolina; sisters, Evelyn Correll and Catherine Grooms of North Carolina; grandchildren, Kim and Pam Ramsey. Graveside Service were held Monday, October 15, 2007 at 2 p.m. at Lincoln Cemetery.

He was my father in law and I will miss him terribly. I miss hearing him say *See you on down the road*. He called his granddaughters, Elroy. Not sure why but he called both of them that.

His middle name was Burton. We found out the origin of his nickname, Jinx, My fil was a driver for Overnight all his life. Early on, he told someone his name was Jenkins cause that was what was on his shirt. It got shortened to Jinx.

Diana is one of six children and, like Burton, is from western NC. She was born in 1939 so she doesn't remember World War II that well although she did live thru it. But she did grew up in what we now call the "age of innocence", the early 1950's.


Here is a picture of her at age 8. We just recently got this picture. Actually Diana gave it to Pam and I swiped it long enough to scan it.

I don't know much of how the two of them met but I do know that about three years after Diana and Burton got married, they moved from the Asheville area where Charles was born to AL to where she lives now.


Here is another picture of Diana during our visit Christmas 2001.

Burton, or Charles Sr., is one of seven children. And he is from western NC. I do know that during the early 30's his dad moved up here to Detroit, leaving the family behind, to work at the River Rouge plant of the Ford Motor Company. Had things turned out just a bit differently, who knows what may have happened. But Burton's dad wanted to leave his family in NC. Very typical of the families of that era in the rural NC mountains.


I don't have any pictures of Burton as a young child but I do have some recent ones. Here is one from Christmas 2001.

I also have some recent ones of both of them from this summer at Pam's graduation. One is a real cute one of Diana.