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Liz aka Southernlady

The previous page was all about my earlier years but what about the person I am now? What do I like to do in my spare time, especially now that Pam has flown the coop? Well, I figured I better start a second page to tell you a little bit about myself these days.

I like to spend a lot of my time on the computer. I own a scrapbooking store known as Secret City Treasures which keeps me fully occupied. I design scrap kits and elements, papers, and dodads for the digital world of scrapping. I also design themes for a software program called vBulletin. It's a forum software than many people use. And I am learning to design themes for WordPress.

Okay, so what else do I do? I have a recipe forum called Treasured Recipes. It's a new forum for me and just getting started but if you have recipes you treasure or need to find, try it out.

And I do genealogical research. I started that after my Mother died in May 2002 and I realized that I knew so very little about her side of the family and there was only one person left on her side to tell me anything. I managed to do very well on my daddy's side and on my Mother's paternal side but still am not doing well on my Mother's maternal side. And I have no one left on that side to ask that I know of anymore.

And I use to spend my mornings chatting with friends online that I have known for years. You see, I have a group of friends that I've known almost as long as my husband and we meet every morning online for coffee and chat, just like you would at a "kitchen table". Now I spend most of them either on my forum or working on graphics.

So that's who I am these days. I stay pretty busy for an empty nester.

  • Southern Ladies are well bred. They are taught by their sisters, mothers, grandmothers and aunts, the proper manners and social decorum.
  • We remember well our heritage, with pride in our family name. Our roots are carried with us wherever we may go. Southern born and Southern bred Ladies will always remain so.
  • Yes 'mam, no 'mam, yes sir, no sir are part of the Southern Lady's language. Respect your elders, always give someone older than you, your seat. Please and Thank You too!
  • Gentlemen know to give a Lady their seat, or to remove their hats upon entering a building. Ladies know not to wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. No velvet after Valentine's Day, please. She always dresses as a Lady.
  • A Southern Lady's father will always be her "Daddy" no matter what the delicate age of the Lady may be.
  • Oh my, a Lady never gives her age, her timeless inner beauty and social decorum speaks for itself.
  • She never uses inappropriate language, always the Lady. A Southern Lady knows how to address a situation without losing her temper. She carries her stature well, never haughty, but graceful.
  • She is refined in her manners, dress, and deportment. She understands well the part of the shy debutante, or the graceful Lady of the House.
  • A Southern Lady acknowledges gifts and correspondence well within the socially acceptable time periods. Organized and thoughtful, making proper introductions, as well as directing polite conversation at social gatherings.
  • She is the gracious hostess, well prepared, serving her guests delectable food within a genteel atmosphere. Crisp table linens, fresh flowers, and iced tea always grace her table.
  • She appears soft, and demure, while, actually she is strong, and bold within. A Steel Magnolia one might say. The lifeforce behind the Man of the House
  • History has shown that the Southern Lady values and guards a strong pride in the rich heritage of the South. She has been the strength when needed, but always remembering that she is a Lady. Well mannered, well bred, the Southern Lady.